Sunday, October 7, 2012

Orange beach

Wonderful fantastic amazing daddy surprised us with a last minute trip to orange beach. We got one days notice to pack up for four days, just the four of us. At publix Caleb told the entire store that we were going to the beach, let the jealousy eat them up! Last time we were here, Caleb was scared of the ocean, didn't like the sand...this time he can't get enough of it. Doesn't sleep because he wants to get back on the beach. Kinleigh is enjoying herself too, prancing around in Her swimsuit and making friends with the world. Speaking of friends, someone else is making tons of them...daddy! I've decided that there is a brotherhood in being a father. Moms love the vacation, we truly love the happiness it brings everyone. But let's face it, it's not a total space out relaxing time. Our duties are much the same but with some slightly stressful additions. All sleeping in one room, schedule adjustments, and just getting everyone to behave in public...those are some minor issues. Dads enjoy every second no matter what, generally. And they give kudos to each other. I keep asking Jason where the wives are, and today it dawned on me. As I sit her on the beach enjoying naptime, I see a lot of the women! When the men are out, a lot of the women are taking advantage and shopping or...napping! :). It's good time for dads to be one on one with the kiddos. It reminds me of these daddy clubs, men just bond over being a dad. Women should take a hint and follow suit in fellowship! Rather than survival of the fittest alone, lets go it together. So what if your son is a screamer, so what if your daughter throws everything off the table, mine does it too. Might as well make a big fun scene together. Who cares. It's vacation. We should all have fun and leave all of the worries behind.