Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Claus...

Yesterday the entire family went to Bridge Street to buy an iPad and finish up some Christmas shopping. Kinleigh had been to the doctor that morning and was diagnosed with a double ear infection. That girl is a trooper! She had been sick for over a week pulling on her ear... And here she is with an infection.
The entire family is so excited for Santa to visit us this year. I think it's the first year that Caleb totally gets who he is and what Santa does! Much to our surprise Santa was walking around bridge street and stopping periodically to speak to kids and pose for pictures. He was dressed just like Father Christmas and even I was speechless when I saw him. We ran out of a store to see him and get a chance to speak with him. Caleb was pushing me to go first and making some very excited noises....but when we finally get to him, Caleb totally lost his nerve. Daddy picked him up and he just stared at him, not wanting to get any closer. Kinleigh just took off and made a beeline straight for Mr Claus. He was sitting on a bench, talking to another child, and I had to pull her away from him. Finally after waiting, it was our turn to see him and she was so excited. I placed her on his lap and all of a sudden, her little mouth turned into a frown and she started to cry! Santa told her that he would bring her a dolly and that he was so happy to see her! As we walked away, her eyes never left him and she stared at him until I let her walk. Caleb kept saying that he saw Santa. We shopped some more. As fate would have it, as we were leaving, Santa somehow ended up walking right beside us. I guess he never forget Caleb, and knew that they needed to talk. Caleb was on his daddy's shoulders and looked down at Mr Claus. "Well hello there little guy, what would you like for Christmas?" With a big frown and the bravest face I have ever seen, Caleb looked him in the eye and said "Santa, I want a police car please." "Well, I'll get you a police car and a couple of other surprises, but you have to make sure to be a good boy ok?" Still trying so hard to hold back the tears Caleb replied "ok"! I've never been so proud of him in my life. And afterwards, he just couldn't have been more excited. The Christmas spirit has definitely hit the lucas house those season. Believe. Wonder. Faith. All envelope this season and make it so incredibly beautiful. Too see everything in your children's eyes, well, it's like being a child yourself. You just seem together swept up in the magic and wonder of the jolly old elf himself! Caleb keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, I tell him I want a kiss from his daddy. As serious as he can, with his eyes as wide as can be, "mama, you have to tell Santa. You have to tell him." I love that little boy so much and am so proud of the man he is going to become.