Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kinleigh is one!

It's been a whole year since our little girl first entered the world. The sweetness of that memory will always be with me. How she just gave me a run for my money during the pregnancy, and how she couldn't wait to see us...only taking two pushes before she was with us!
This year has been one o the hardest and happiest years of my life. Having two kids under two was definitely challenging at times, but I couldn't have asked for better kids. They are such troupers! I'm learning this mom thing every day, and they are learning with me. Kinleigh is such an amazing spirit. She is such a girlie girl, loving her pretty dresses and hairbows...yet she can get tough with her big brother. She's just an easy girl, loves to shop, loves to smile. Looking back I think Kinleigh has colic as a baby, because one day something clicked, the crying stopped and our beautiful baby girls personality just popped out.
We had the house decorated in tulle and everything pink! We had signs in the front yard, a bow on the mailbox and a homemade banner on the fireplace. Kinleigh was dressed in a had a cupcake on it with a single candle and her name. She was supposed to wear the most darling tutu, but it was a tad too big. We had it on her and she just loved it. I'll never forget how she touched it and giggled while everyone took her picture. She just loved to be the center of attention! I made a ham and everyone brought sides. The highlight of the afternoon was the bouncy house we borrowed from a friend! Kinleigh lived going down the slide! She ate her cake like a true lady! She wasn't afraid to get dirty, but when she had enough she just stopped eating. For her birthday Kinleigh got her first vacuum, kitchen, purse, vanity, and apron! Everything a little lady needs! She also got some bling!! Her ears were pierced, and her Oma got her a beautiful ID bracelet!
She has an awesome day surrounded by family that loves her. I can't believe she is one. I can't believe we have been blessed with her for a year, it has just gone by so fast. The older she gets the closer we are. She's my little girl, it's just that simple. I think she is the most beautiful sweetheart that I have ever seen. She's daring, she loves to try new things and her smile will make anyone just fall in love.

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