Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mama, that's not my favorite

There are certain things about two year old Caleb I will always remember.  A certain way he holds his eyes when he is thinking, the certain fact that he loves to walk on his toes, and the certainty in his voice when he just has to tell you something.  He has the face of an angel and the heart of a saint.  Caleb has a spirit about him, he is rambuncious and has more energy than any child I have ever met.  Caleb is such an amazing boy to me.  He is as swart as a whip and loves to learn, so much so that he can barely walk up the stairs...because he is thinking of so many other things.  His eyes catch everything, and his curiosity always wins him over.

He won't hesitate a second to tell you what he is thinking and he loves to just talk.  I call him my little negotiator, because according to Caleb everything is up for discussion.  His new favorite phrase is "Mama, that's not my favorite".  Whether we are discussing his drink of choice, naptime, or even what he would like for dinner...."Mama, that's not my favorite" has become a common conversation point in our home.  I think he has even told me that time-outs are not his favorite!  We might have a lawyer on our hands, because there a quite a few times when his negotitations win some additional playtime on his train table...or additional milk before bedtime. 

During any carride, Caleb loves to point out everything he sees.  He points out stores to include "Hobby Wobby", Sonic, the Cookie Store (Publix), Target, Walmart. He loves to find school buses, vdubs, and any kind of truck!

Caleb thinks so fast, that sometimes...he just gets stuck on "mama" and says it like ten times before another word can come's like his mouth needs to catch up to what is going on in his cute little head! He will call anyone Mama in the pure excitement of telling what he thinks. I sometimes forget how very blessed I am. I forget how wonderful my children are and how amazing it is that I get to be there mom. Then there is a quiet moment when I can really see an innocence in their eyes or their laugh. I realize just how precious these moments are...and how I am so incredibly humbled that this is my life.

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