Thursday, July 19, 2012

My, what big eyes you have...

Kinleigh is my one of a kind little princess. At least I like to think she is one of a kind, when my husband will tell you that she is just like her mother! That statement sounds negative, but it isn't. I truly see her as my little jewel, so curious...such a little diva! And as we all are harshest on ourselves, i sometimes forget that those could be some of my traits as well! Most will compliment her on her amazing eyes, huge and a grayish green. I wonder often what color they will be...if they will stay this color or turn into a brown like the rest of us. She is into anything she can get her hands on! All cabinets get opened, all textures get touched, and she cannot help but notice even the slightest or smallest object in her reach. Nothing is safe from her examination. She is so different from her brother in that way that I cannot help but be mesmerized watching her! Caleb is into action...running, jumping, making things go. Kinleigh watches first and she sees all!
I can see her watch leaves sway in the wind, a bird in a tree, and her eyes are always watching her brother. She can't get enough of him, and she loves to be near him. Recently I've realized that she doesn't care what kind of attention she gets from him, a push or a kiss, they all mean everything to her. She loves and adores her brother so much. Caleb is so good at playing with her, although he has little patience for a train track mishap or an obvious train kidnapping! Caleb asks her to follow him, shares his juice with her, and will even give her a kiss...just when he feels like it. He will sing a song he's made up and he says, "Kingey diaper, Kingey diaper, I love you, I love you". She doesn't understand totally but just grins at the sound of her name. Already they are fast friends, and they miss each other when one is away. I hope that always remains! They are partners in crime and best buds for life.

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